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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 28 Aug 2007

3 days busy

One of the busiest weekends I can remember.
Saturday – Jane and Clare (my little sister and niece) came in the morning for tea and biscuits. then all to town to buy Ross his entire school uniform for Ullswater College then shopping for beer for the festival then off to Silloth for Solfest where we spent 9 hours and got home at 2am.
Sunday – He had to log-on for work a while, Ross out with Gary most of the day. He joined the boys for a footie kick-about, then we took the boys to town to see rally drivers interviewed and displaying their cars and then in the evening we went over to Gary’s parents (Barbara and Allan) for a drink and had such a good time we didn’t notice it get to 1.30 am.
Monday – up early to get stuff together and go to a car boot sale at Lazonby where we spent a few hours and came home with less stuff and more money than we took. In the afternoon we went over to Sally and Campbell’s for a BBQ which was a lot of fun. I tried to snooze on the big trampoline but Sally and Julie jumped up and down and bounced me off it! Such behaviour for the nearly 50’s!! Ross got good at trampolining though. Then to the pub to talk to them about the food they are doing for a garden party in September and then some packing to go away on Wednesday to France… where I think we will do absolutely nothing for a few days!

music:festivals Fi | 26 Aug 2007

Solfest sun? not quite

Just one day at Solfest this year. I was asked to write some reviews. So, we took Ross too. Promise of summer weather but it wasn’t. Chilly, breezy and a little rain. NO MATTER! We had come prepared – diddy tent, jackets and good chairs.
The music didn’t inspire this time, but the sights and people did. Saw Stephen Spud Murphy, Badly Drawn Boy and The Undertones. The atmosphere is magic and the people – especially in fancy dress- were a joy to see. I got severely cold toes and took loads of pictures.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 18 Aug 2007

giacomo + osbert mcfluff

Giac so loves our new bed that he is there all the time now… with his new best friend, my bear, Osbert McFluff.
Yes – I know, cats don’t have best friends, they have human ‘staff’.

photos:flm:more Fi | 16 Aug 2007

been photoshopping (is that a verb?)

While manipulating a photo of a flower to use at work I decided I liked the photo-shopped and cropped result so much I would put it here. I’ve created a gallery page with some more manipulated images.
…and this is the original photo

music:festivals &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 16 Aug 2007


… it looks like we’re going to SolFest after all…. Bank holiday weekend for one day only. Cool. 🙂

photos:flm:more Fi | 14 Aug 2007

women in tree form – dryads?

I stumbled on these on ‘tinterweb’ – gorgeous aren’t they? The dancer must be a dryad (a tree spirit)…. and the other is a lithe and graceful girl posing for the camera.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 12 Aug 2007

we’ve done it! all of us under one roof

By 4 pm yesterday (11th August) the move was done and we were all here. Furniture had arrived, old furniture was on its way to the tip, one sofa-bed was shunted upstairs (an absurdly long sofa to negotiate up a thin staircase and tiny landing) to He’s office and one bed had been dismantled and moved downstairs into Ross’s room. Our new bed was in place in our bedroom. Everything went amazingly smoothly and by 8 we were in the pub. Even Giacomo showed up and stayed.
Only mishaps were He forgot his jackets/coats, I dropped the Dyson on my foot and I got stuck under the bed while hoovering up the dust.
His new home office…

fun:friends Fi | 10 Aug 2007

everyone’s an artist

I found this great site on the web… you can sketch what you like on the screen with your mouse… give it a try! Its not that easy to use a mouse as a crayon. Then when you’ve done it and saved it you can move back through other people’s (and yours) to see it online – where it it shown as a speeded up version of your work; as you drew it. Careful – it could be addictive!
Here’s my first attempt!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 09 Aug 2007

dizzzzzzzzzy zzz zzz

How tired am I?
Coming to the office in my slippers and not realising until I got here tired!

photos:flm:more Fi | 09 Aug 2007

stumbled upon lovely pics…


fun:friends Fi | 08 Aug 2007

gorgeous chrissie : proud mummy

My best friend Chrissie, looking gorgeous, with her partner Chris, in a couple of recent pictures. Take a look at the photos sub-page of her daughter, Lolly’s, graduation pics. Lolly is officially, and deservedly, a teacher.

fauna &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 08 Aug 2007

awww : dozen + 3 great dane pups

I saw this news item on BBC website. A HUGE litter of 15 utterly gorgeous blue Great Dane pups. I’ve always fancied this breed – if only we had room for one.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 06 Aug 2007

pleasure and progress

WHAT a weekend! 🙂 STUFFED full of pleasure and progress.
Pleasure at the wedding and two lovely days being together. Pleasure that the sun shone and we could be in the garden most of Sunday and eat breakfast and dinner outside. Progress putting He’s new desk together in his office-to-be for when he and Ross move in on Saturday. Progress in lateral thinking on how to best arrange his office and make sure we keep nice bed space for guests. If it hadn’t been for his new desk being wobbly we wouldn’t have had a rethink and found a brilliant new solution.

fun:friends Fi | 05 Aug 2007

the bride wore purple

What a lovely evening at Deb and James’ wedding celebration on the rooftop lounge and terrace at the deliciously chic Great John Street Hotel, Manchester.
Deb looked sensational in a perfect ivory and purple corseted dress. It was great to finally meet the groom, James.

The weather was good, the sky clear and the view over Manchester City a perfect backdrop. The Hotels’ roof terrace is a lovely space and next to Granada studios overlooking the set of Coronation Street, and the impressive Hilton Hotel rises like a shining blade into the sky close by.
I have never seen two such happy people – clearly very much in love. A truly happy ending. Awwww!
He and I had a brilliant time and stayed in a nearby hotel.
I made a film of some of my photo stills and He’s film of their first dance (which was so lovely to see that it broke the reserved dam and made me cry).

A good time was had by all…..

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 03 Aug 2007

goodbye gum tree

Farewell to a friend … we had to have the lovely eucalyptus tree cut down (thank you Campbell at Go4Skills for doing it) as it was lifting sandstone flags up on the path and knocking the stone lintel at the gate sideways. The garage has now got a good stock of logs for winter and the garden seems much bigger, and the house is filled with more light.