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stuff Fi | 29 Jun 2007

interesting digging fact

If… and only IF you felt like digging directly down from under my house straight through the centre of the Earth and its molten core of fiery iron you would eventually pop out into the ocean almost exactly on the international date line around 1200 miles south east of New Zealand.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat He | 27 Jun 2007

I made it through the rain (Sheffield floods by He)

When I left work on the evening of the 25th June I expected a moderate or even significant delay on the way home but no way was I expecting what I encountered. I needed to get from south Sheffield along one of the three routes into Rawmarsh, Rotherham. I already knew from trafic reports that Aldwarke Rd was closed so went for the retail world route. I got as far as St Annes roundabout where the police had blocked the road due to the river Don overflowing. My next attempt was to get through Barot hall but that too was under three to four feet of water. At this point I was only a half mile from home so I abandoned the car on the nearby industrial estate and started to wade through the water. I quickly felt uncomfortable as the current was getting stronger so I abandoned that idea and made one last attempt at getting through by going back onto the motorway north, driving past Rotherham and coming in southbound, but alas that too failed at Hooton Roberts.
My own mobile phone pics of the epic journey home:
At that point I gave up resigned to the fact that I would be sleeping in a hotel bed if lucky or the car if not. I was unlucky.
I sat the night out without much sleep and at 6:00am the water had completely subsided on the Barbot Hall route so I was home and ‘dry’.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 26 Jun 2007

7 ways to say OUGH

A rough dough-faced thoughtful ploughboy walked through the streets of Scarborough coughing.
Cool eh?

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 26 Jun 2007

He’s voyage home (Sheffield floods by Fi)

Stranded + Drenched. He’s office is South of Sheffield and he lives North of the City. Dreadful floods yesterday that drowned the city and much of the area… and He was trying to drive home through it! What a saga! He gave up after 4 hours and tried to walk the last half mile but the water was too deep. Eventually at 11 He gave up and went to a pub for a (very well-deserved!) pint before trying to sleep in his car. Drenched and cold and hungry. Poor thing.
Throughout the whole thing I was terrified for him!
At 6a.m he was able to find a route to drive and managed to get home.

… these 2 pics were on the BBC website and were taken very near to He’s house by someone else (plagiarism? – oh yes sir!)

fauna &outdoors Fi | 24 Jun 2007

tarts to bakewell

Got the train thru the Yorkshire Dales to meet He in Sheffield for the weekend. Gorgeous journey until Leeds!
Ross was going to his cousin for the weekend so we dropped him off on Saturday and then headed to Bakewell. What a lovely town.
Saw a wonderful gnarly old tree that had a face-shape grown into the trunk, then we had hot chocolate and cake.
Spent most of the time at the river watching the nesting Coots and very laid back trout.

We also went to the 50th party of one of H’s work colleagues. Everyone really nice and friendly and a lot of fun. Got back early hours, but reasonably sober!?!

stuff Fi | 22 Jun 2007

good quote

A great quote from Stephen Fry…
It was reported that an Australian Aboriginal on seeing the total eclipse was heard to exclaim…
“Kerosene lamp belong Jesus gone bugger up”

stuff Fi | 21 Jun 2007

you’re kidding

I’ve actually remembered a joke…

What do you call a horny Smartie®?……

a drawing pin!

outdoors Fi | 17 Jun 2007

celebratory champagne and strawberries : crowds and candyfloss and ships

A celebratory weekend for us. More on that later… 🙂 so we were forced to indulge in champers and strawberries and pleasure. Yum!
On Saturday the films we wanted to see weren’t on locally (this is Cumbria after all) so we went over to Whitehaven to take a look at the Maritime Festival. The Youtube film of our short visit is here. Spent too long trying to find a loo before we could go down to the harbour but we had a bimble about among the varied stalls (candyfloss and sweeties a-plenty!) and eventually found our way to the fun fair. It was VERY full of people and stuff. Everything smelled of bad burgers and chips and (grumpy old woman that I am) I thought the music was WAY too loud. We did a couple of turns on the big wheel – not bad, but I was a bit wussy on the way up! Good views from the top over the festival and harbour site. We watched people being flung into the sky in the enormous bungee pod and decided it really wasn’t for us at all. Bumped into an old school friend and heard her news and about some others from way-back-when. Some of the old ships – especially those with proper rigging were beautiful.

fauna &stuff Fi | 14 Jun 2007

as old as whales

Did you see the story in the news about a Bowhead whale that had died and it had a (circa 1880’s) 130 year-old bomb lance harpoon in its body?
It means that it was at least 150 years old when it died (whalers in the 19thC didn’t take young ones). The experts now think that these whales can live to over 200 – their slow metabolism is probably the reason. Wow! Imagine their experiences and maturity. How can humans consider slaughtering these exquisite and gentle creatures?

gadget:techy Fi | 13 Jun 2007

businessy pc : cool stuff mac : alternative linux

A running joke of ours. He’s PC at the office, LINUX at home and I’m Mac and this cartoon was stumbled upon.
Perfect! LOL! 🙂

music:festivals Fi | 10 Jun 2007

clogs off and bare foot : ben taylor at the brewery

Last night we went to the Brewery in Kendal to see Ben Taylor (son of James Taylor & Carly Simon – now THATS musical pedigree) and his band.
We met the weirdest guy who got people at the bar to sign his chest and back. Odd and scarily skinny. We obliged and added our names – of course!
Despite the humidity at the gig it was a magic evening. Clogs off and bare-footed on the stage Ben sauntered through almost two hours of sophisticated songs with a subtlety and charisma no less than his fathers.
His songs are funny, cute, quirky, gentle and very very clever. Ben is introducing us to Kung Folk – a genre he says has existed title-less for a long time (citing Neil Young).
I’d love it if he’d perch himself on the end of my bed and sing me to sleep at night. Blissful fantasy….!
Very impressive was the option to meet him and his band after the gig and not just to buy CDs and T-shirts (blah de blah), but memory sticks for USB, letting you choose what they upload onto them for you. I couldn’t resist… its a brilliant way to merchandise.
When we got home we lit the patio heater, poured a g&t and sat under the stars.

fun:friends &outdoors &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 09 Jun 2007

in the saddle

We got He a second hand bike so we could have a bit of a biking bimble. Lovely sunny Saturday so we had a first go… out of the village and to the river at Langwathby for a paddle, then for an ice cream. We only did about 7 miles. Great fun. We did a 3-miler around the village on Sunday. I always liked cycling gently around the countryside, but doing it together its SO much nicer. We’re doing THAT again! Someone is reluctant to have their picture taken…

stuff Fi | 08 Jun 2007

did you know?

Something Tony Benn (fascinating man!) said on Question Time last night made me wonder and get my calculator out….
Did you know that if an average generation is 25 years apart, and you have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents etc etc, then 500 years ago you had 2,097,152 ancestors.
And if you wanted to go back 1,000 years years ago it’d be a scarily HUGE – 2,198,863,800,000! Surely that means we are ALL related to one another right across this earth.

fun:friends Fi | 06 Jun 2007

sally wears interesting hattage

my friend sally in a retro hat – there’s something to be said for reaching our interesting age of f-f-f-f-f-ty…blah blah!
Sally is a brilliant pastel colour artist. Lovely portraits of pets and people! check out her website.

outdoors &photos:flm:more Fi | 05 Jun 2007

fi’s june garden

June 4th in my garden

fauna &fun:friends &outdoors &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 04 Jun 2007

ross boss ‘n’ fi – day trip

He had to work (awww) so Ross and I had a trip out.
First stop was the Humber Bridge and a walk half way along it. The weather was perfect and the views great. We spotted a skip full of what looked like giant biscuits…custard creams we thought.

The DEEP beckoned next. A wonderful experience…. Fantastic fish, scary sharks and great fun. We loved it! It was magic to be face-to-face with wonderful creatures – especially a very large octotpus. Ross was very impressed by the big sharks swimming above us. Tho’ He missed out we took him some silly pressies – a fish mask, a slime ball and an ultra-bouncy octopus ball.
A bit of a film of what we saw (not brilliant coz I forgot the camcorder and had to use the digital camera)

Outside The Deep…

There was time to have a wander around the foreshore under the Humber Bridge. Ross did his ‘model’ impression….

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 02 Jun 2007


…and guess which idiot accidentally took some of He’s diabetic tablets thinking they were paracetamol? Guess who didn’t realise and continued to drive while out-of-it. Guess who very nearly reached into their bag to take more when the ‘paracetamol’ appeared not to work after 45mins.

music:festivals &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 01 Jun 2007

clapton or bibb (eric that is)

Guess who got himself a 12-string guitar. It sounds yummy…. I look forward to plenty more of it.