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outdoors &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 28 May 2007

outdoor heater thingy

On a Monday bank holiday wash-out I was on mission to buy an outdoor heater for the enclosed private patio. We pictured evenings outside in a cozy glow, supping a G&T. We decided that a chiminera, though an attractive thing, would mean hanging around while it warmed up – so a gas heater was the best option. Instant heat. Hey presto – a trip to B&Q and a table top version duly installed. Just need to buy the gin, tonic, wine and beer now.

fun:friends Fi | 28 May 2007

whiling away whitsun

Helene and Martin and their lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Monty, came. I’ve known them for 25 years and its always fun to get together. We took them on an ambling walk – their first time along Raven Beck, which was sparkly and lovely. The woods were stuffed full of wild garlic and smelled divine. By accident on the way home we went to the pub!
Dinner was an Indian takeaway (the restaurant at the village pub was fully booked) and wine a-plenty after sitting in the yard for the only sunshine we saw all weekend! HE must’ve had more wine than he thought coz he fell into the shower before bed. Very funny. Sunday morning was a leisurely full breakfast with the papers. At lunch time, on the way to the pub (again! – Martin is a fan of good ale 🙂 Well – you’ve gotta keep guests happy haven’t you?) we spotted a great notice on the church door which said ‘CAUTION – MOUSETRAPS SET IN PEWS‘. We imagined a congregation all yelping in pained surprise as the traps snapped shut on their toes.
The others drank beer but I’ve taken to drinking milk with a shot of grenadine – thanks to the wonderful French barman at the Tufton Arms, Appleby, who suggested it as a tummy calmer. Paul at our pub said it was merely a milk shake! I think not. This visit to the pub was much more involved (?) and it was hard to drag ourselves away.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 May 2007

soggy cycling

A long story – but I had to cycle to and from work all last week. Its only a few miles but was the first really wet week of the entire year. I was SOOOO drenched and I don’t have any waterproofs! Even the cows in the field were looking at me as if to say ‘What IS she doing?’. Feel a bit fitter tho’.

fun:friends Fi | 14 May 2007

nobody loves a smart ass!

With Chris and Fiona Martucci; He, I and Ross WON the pub quiz! AGAIN! Last time we were 2nd and the time before that 1st. Didn’t do so well in first 2 rounds, but round four was 25/25 and picture round 24/25. As always it was great to see Chris and Fona. A perfect final evening to our holiday week. Chris was in fine acerbic and laughter-filled form. Its only a shame that the team who sit near us seem to think we crib from them… we don’t. Their remarks could spoil our fun if we took the quiz that seriously. Its great that Ross wants to join us next time too – his young knowledge is invaluable.

fun:friends &outdoors Fi | 13 May 2007

princess fiona and her holiday ‘gangster’

Fi is Princess for a week when He took her on holiday…
WHAT a goody bag He had packed for our hols – Werthers sucky-sweets a-plenty, white wine, Pringles, M&S Chocolate Brazils and tarts.
We had a gorgeous start to our holiday – He had planned a surprise lunch at the Dog House near Abingdon on the way south, where we had a really good meal …
…before a few days at Dingle Dell guest house in Dorset (which He chose because of its name and booked as a surprise – talk about being spoilt!) where we were made very welcome by Joyce and Bill Norman in their lovely house at Osmington. A very pretty room and such breakfasts!
Day one was a trip to Portland Bill, then Chesil Beach and Weymouth. We got to the lighthouse just in time to hear the IMMENSELY loud fog warning. We did a film of it and its on YouTube. Then out to see Chesil Beach which has fascinated me for a long time. Then we did the usual tourist thing and sat on the beach at Weymouth, but only after He bought me a REAL bucket and spade. There was a kite festival on but it was all a bit tacky so we avoided it.
In the evening we went to a local pub – the Smugglers Inn at Osmington Bay and ‘enjoyed’ the worst service ever. We suspect that one waitress was in fact Vicky Pollard. Its in a fab location at Osmington Bay and secluded too, a shame we didn’t want to go back. The food too was, at best, average. I can’t think why pub managers don’t care about how good their service is… we weren’t able to give a good report at our guest house so maybe future guests won’t go there either. A pity really coz the location is perfect and the pub itself very attractive.
Day two – rain, but no matter. Took a look at the well-endowed Cerne Abbas giant and then to Dorchester, then a quick walk in bluebell woods and a wander around the gorgeous garden at Thomas Hardy’s birthplace before taking a short walk around Tolpuddle, seeing the famous tree that the Tolpuddle Martyrs met under, and meeting a real nice local guy who seemed a bit bonkers but was a sweet man. We saw the grave and home of Lawrence of Arabia too. Then back to Weymouth for early fish & chips on the promenade.
Day three – was the coastline trip. Durdle Door was a great idea. Its a steep clamber down steps in the cliff and into the cove, but well worth it. We put a film of it on YouTube. The geology of the place is the stuff of school text books – but sadly I didn’t find a fosil, though I did try. Paddling was fun and left my trousers wet and salt crispy as they dried out. Durdle’s neighbour – Lulworth Cove – was pleasant but a bit touristy. On the walk to Lulworth we spotted a tree decorated – like for Christmas – with buckets and spades. I wondered if it was left-overs that had been found on the beach over the years. On the way back we stopped at Wareham at the Quay for a drink. An evening meal was at the Turks Head at Chickerill. Good hearty food but by day three we were SO full and couldn’t do it hearty justice! I ate prawns AGAIN! Crikey – I love prawns.
fi_fosil_hunter.gifdurdle_door_cove.gif durdle_door_cove_surf.gifbucketnspade_tree_lulwort.gifhe_cliffs_durdle.gif
Day four – further west. Drove out to Bridport, Lyme Regis and home via Abbotsbury and the quirky and cosy Illchester Hotel. For a treat for my ‘gangster’ we went out for a last evening meal to an Indian. The Zafron went a long way to persuading me that curries are a fine idea. It was delish! I really must get good at cooking him curries at home.
Day five – reluctantly packing up and going home. We said goodbye to Penelope, the friendly but lost, homing pigeon. The long drive back was via Stonehenge – where we saw the MOST fun car – it clearly belonged to some real Beatles fans. We stopped briefly in Shaftesbury – VERY briefly as ALL the natives were most unfriendly – so much so, that we have now adopted the verb ‘Shaftesbury’ to mean bolshy! It took more than 8 hours to get back to He’s house near Sheffield!
PS – strange weirdness on returning home… the paint fairies had been and my garage door has been painted! I didn’t ask for that to be done.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 12 May 2007

first crop home-grown mushrooms

Yu-u-u-m! Sautéd in butter for breakfast.