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fauna &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 27 Apr 2007

nuts about mice!

Pretty brown mouse stealing from the birds. These mice are much better to look at than the grey ratty ones you get in the house.

fun:friends &photos:flm:more Fi | 25 Apr 2007

pleasant pheasant and tulips at sallys

A fabby pic that my good friend Sally took on her porch. Gorgeous tulips and curious cute pheasant. And a pic I took of the tulips in full blousey blossom.
Sally is an animal portrait artist. Click here to see her website. Great pictures of pets and people!

stuff Fi | 24 Apr 2007

scary truck

We couldn’t believe this badly loaded truck…just after we took the pic it turned right and scared us to death as it tipped. We gave it a VERY wide berth. Madness.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 18 Apr 2007


Ross has been a gone ‘n’ broken his arm AGAIN. Same arm, but broken higher up at his elbow – the worst place for a break. This time it was falling off his bike. Another op and more pins in. He’d best not go near magnets with that much metal work in him! He was extremely brave coz it must’ve hurt like mad. Another spell of time in plaster….

photos:flm:more &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 16 Apr 2007

cute as a cute thing

What a nice way to start a working week. Baby ducks hatched at the farm at our offices. 6 cute-as-cute chicks!
and He made me ‘enhance’ the pic like this to be more his kind of ‘cute’ chick!adeqaute-chest.jpg
… and here’s the film of the little cuties!

outdoors &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 14 Apr 2007

summer is a comin’ in – “tra la la la la”

Sun. 15th April
Lovely weather again so up and out early. To Glenridding – a village on Ullswater Lake. So like mid summer in the sun. Just lazed on the shore a while, Ross and He kicking a football about and more juggling practice. We’d have played with the remote control little plane but forgot the areal for it! Then He suggested a walk – so we set off up the fell behind the village to Lantys Tarn. It was a first hike up a Lakes fell for Ross. The first bit was a bit steep but the views were worth it. The Tarn itself was low on water (worrying for April) and the walk back down precipitous and fun. Its only around 3 – 4 miles but a good way to spend an hour and a half. Take a look at our film of the walk here (tho we forgot to film at the tarn itself. D’oh!) Stopped off at Pooley Bridge for a drink on the way back in case we got thirsty and sat by the river to play I-spy and met a lovely and fun young family. I wish it could be like this every day….
Sat. 14th April
Mid April and the swallows are back – today! Thats over two weeks ahead of last year. The blossom on the tree next to the house is fragrant and a glorious show of blooms. Ross is here too and the weather is amazing – like mid June. We had a late breakfast in the garden and spent the rest of the day outside. We only came in for the Grand National. The new swing seat is popular with Ross it seems…..
In the evening we had dinner in the garden and played I-Spy (He won hands down!) and took guitars outside too for a bit of a practice while it got dark.

fun:friends &photos:flm:more &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 11 Apr 2007

lolly is not liking loose tea

My honorary daughter (she calls me Uvva Muvva) and child of my very best friend Chrissie always makes me laugh! This is film of her drinking tea….

…and this is Lollykin and her younger sister Rae. Pretty, like her sister and Mum.

outdoors &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 09 Apr 2007

easter bunny : camping it up

Easter Sunday. We hid our eggs to find at leisure and had fun finding them … setting our own personal tradition to carry on for subsequent Easters!
Then it was loading up the car and heading the few miles to Ullswater for a night camping at Waterside Farm. We found a great pitch right on the lake shore, but SOOOO windy. The tent which had filled the dining room when we tested it looked more like a small strange-shaped 250g margarine tub in the open. After drinking some white wine on the shore and heating up a risotto I’d made earlier (it took nearly an hour!) we retired as it got dark. Our two double sleeping bags were lovely and snug while the tent lurched and protested all night. He loved being in the tent while it stormed outside and I didn’t. He felt safe and I didn’t. He slept and I was awake. In effect I wussed it! The one night under canvas was a good practice run with all the new kit. There’ll definitely be a next time during the long hot summer 🙂 to come.
The sunset over the tent was vivid…. and despite the wind it was fun to practice juggling again.
ullswater8april07.gif ullswaterjuggling.gif

music:festivals Fi | 08 Apr 2007

hamilton loomis : devilish texan blues/soul

Hamilton Loomis is a devilishly good blues soul performer from Texas. Its not going to be hard to review it (I’ve done a review of his gigs before), and it was as good as we had looked forward to. Everyone at the little blues club in town had a great time.
hamilton.gif hamilton-sax.gifhamilton-bass.gif

outdoors &photos:flm:more Fi | 08 Apr 2007

perfect day

A perfect Easter weekend. Weather brilliant. Breakfast outside in the garden. Then a walk up Raven Ghyll (Kirkoswald). Perfect. Wild garlic carpeted the woodland and filled the air with scent. Aside from just us and a sole jogger (who whizzed by us twice) there were red squirrels, buzzards, anemones, primulas, plenty of sheep with their lambs and tiny shetland ponies. We even saw a Pied Flycatcher, another early arrival for spring and a bird I’d never seen before. Despite it being only April 7th a single bluebell was braving an early appearance in the wood. We followed the footpath up Raven Beck through the woods and skirted the field before reluctantly turning back. We loved it so much that we’ve decided to take a bottle of champagne up there for our first anniversary in July.
Here’s the film…

music:festivals Fi | 02 Apr 2007

whapweasel : + blueberry cake

Saw the Ceilidh dance band Whapweasel in Skirwith village hall. What other venue offers home made cake and biscuits in the interval at just 50p? Yum. Went with Alex and Heather as He couldn’t get here on time. I had a blast, what a brilliant night. From new born twins in the front row to grandparents and cool teeneagers this gig was loads of fun. 10 band members of immense pedigree, like Rick Kemp (Steeleye Span) and Saul Rose (Eliza Carthys Band amongst others). A great dance band creating an atmosphere that is quite simply stuffed full of ‘happy’. With a trio horn section, two stonking squeeze-boxers, great acoustic instruments and electric stuff the sound was big and blousey. Who needs night clubs and plastic venues. This is real entertainment.

fun:friends &outdoors Fi | 02 Apr 2007

no april foolin’ in the garden : just jugglin’ jesters

The first of April and the weather was ideal for a first day spent in the garden. What a pleasure – sunny and mild – and ultra-relaxing.
The yard and garden are kitted out … and there was plenty of time to try out juggling. It wasn’t long before He’d cracked it and with a jiggling hip wiggle to keep the rhythm. We found a great little film on YouTube on how to juggle. Click here to Try it!

fun:friends Fi | 02 Apr 2007

glasgow for lunch

Last day of March and a real treat. Virgin trains 1st class to a sunny and springlike Glasgow where we really were the ONLY passengers to alight the train! Freaky – a whole train to ourselves. After tea and cake at the famous Willow Tea Room (Rennie Macintosh) we had a bimble around the city before a superb lunch (a big bowl of Loch Etive mussels for me and steak & ale pie for He, and cheap too) at Maggie Mays where the after lunch entertainment in the cellar was the Ragtime band ‘Muldoons’. The city has a nice atmosphere and some splendid architecture. There was just time to dawdle back to the station and nod off on the train (probably due to lunch and beer).