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fun:friends &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 26 Feb 2007

witchy trees & great friends

A quick trip to stay with Helene and Martin at Tixall (we were meant to be going first class on Virgin trains but it was the morning after the Cumbria rail crash so the line was closed). It poured with rain and we got drenched taking Monty for a walk at the canal. All the canal boats tied up on the towpath looked cozy with woodsmoke tumbling from their little chimneys. It was two days of fantastic food (thank you M & H) superb wine and champagne (more applause for M&H) and great company (all of us!)

Outside their house is a really spooky tree. It was standing immediately outside our bedroom window and looked like just the kind of skeletal tree that might harbour a witch in its gnarly trunk.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 26 Feb 2007

‘breaking’ news on Ross

I’m quite jealous… I always wanted to have a broken bone when I was young. Last week Ross badly broke a wrist playing footie at school and ended up having an op and a plate screwed into his arm. Oouch. He soon recovered apparently and was eating burgers a few hours later. Sounds like he was very brave.
A broken wrist and a heavy cast hasn’t had too much effect on Ross’s skimming stone abilities. A walk to the Eden at Lazonby Bridge proved that he could still skim a flat stone a suitable distance. Someone did a ‘niner’ skim but modesty prevents me from naming them.

fauna &photos:flm:more &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 16 Feb 2007

mercurial starlings

At usual at this time of year I stand in the garden around dusk and wait for the perfectly on-time flocks of starlings to stream overhead. They are like balls of mercury, shape-shifting and sweeping around the sky until dropping, as one, out of the air and into the trees. When they pass over my head the sound is like a wave, the air moving with their beating wings. I don’t care how cold I get outside – I never miss it if i can help it. I filmed it ….it’s twilight and not the best bit of film.

music:festivals Fi | 16 Feb 2007


As both Hectors acoustic and electric guitars are at my house, along with two of my own, he needed one to keep at his place. So, a new guitar was acquired… but for someone who hates the colour pink its a curious choice. It’s been pointed out to me that it isn’t actually pink – its red. Oh really!? 🙂 Hmmm – not sure about that.
And lets be honest – a pink guitar kinda clashes with the ones at home.
he-dinky-guitar.jpg home_guitars.gif

fun:friends Fi | 09 Feb 2007

strange & mysterious thievery

Strange goings on at home. One evening this week I filled our wheelie garden re-cycling bin (which had been emptied by the council on their bi-weekly visit earlier that day) with large branches and foliage (after having to cut stuff down after gales) – filled it to overflowing and the lid not shutting – I’ve got the scratches to prove it. The bin remains almost hidden near the garage and against the churchyard wall. Next morning… it was EMPTY! Strange thievery indeed. Who was responsible? A kinky kindling collector? A foliage forager? A eucalyptus fetishist?

outdoors Fi | 06 Feb 2007

snuggly sleeping bag

…more preparations for camping. Our new double sleeping bag (via Ebay of course!) is wonderful. We tried it in the lounge and I was obviously impressed coz’ I fell asleep straight away and slept for three whole hours! I was meant to be having another ‘tutorial’ session from Hector on the guitar. Hey ho. The sleeping bag is a piece of gear I’d highly recommend. We can’t wait to try it, and the exploding tent, out.sleeping_bag.jpg

gadget:techy Fi | 05 Feb 2007

iPod shuffles – extravagant widgets, big style!

We got ourselves a cute iPod Shuffle each. They’re sexy little things – like everything AppleMac does. Mine is green, his is orange. They’re good bits of kit to clip onto our clothes, bag or belt (or ears even) so we’re never parted from music…. talk about spoiling ourselves! What we’ve had inscribed on the back is our business!
On another iPod subject – Hector got an iPod connector fitted when he got his new VW Jetta and in no time at all it came unattached behind the dashboard. Turns out its merely a push-in attachment and not at all secure. Vorsprung durch technik… etc etc. Oh – thats another German car is it?

fun:friends Fi | 05 Feb 2007

spooky eggs

Oh-mi-gawd. 6 double yolk eggs in ONE half dozen box! What a bit of magic. A real shame to scramble them… but they were delish.
I tried to get a picture to Morrisons – the supermarket where we bought them – but no joy finding an email to use. What a pity – they might’ve liked some positive customer feedback.

fun:friends Fi | 05 Feb 2007

quiz night at the ‘drove’

Quiz night at the pub. Under the team name of Blair Blair Blacksheep with Chris and Fiona we were a team of four and won! CRIKEY! 🙂
A fun evening. 125 questions and supper thrown in. Lee, the quiz master, makes the questions brilliantly varied.

PS – We got the tent back into its bag. What a beast! (see Preparing for spring and summer below) Easy peasy!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 03 Feb 2007

giacomo and us

By way of an introduction – this is us.
Giacomo isn’t quite that sleek now – he’s getting a tad rotund.
He always follows us as we walk to the pub and waits patiently outside for us – sometimes on the window sill; just watching and waiting. Makes us feel guilty for being cozy by a roaring fire with a wee drinky (or three) in-hand. Well – not so guilty that we leave early. He then walks home with us making little yowly sounds as if to remonstrate with us for being too long.
Hector hates this picture taken of him on his birthday. I love it so it stays!
to-climbor-not.gifhector_birthdaypic.gif fi-and-giac-copy.gif
This is Hectors favourite picture of me – its amazing how a couple of G&T’s can soften the edges. My swing seat at home – perfect for watching TV. Plus one man in his favourite place at the pub.
he_guitar.jpgfi_xmas.jpg giac_snoozin.gif
…and finally – a picture of Ross; Hectors son. A nice silhouette.

outdoors Fi | 02 Feb 2007

preparing for spring and summer

By way of hopeful and well-planned weekends away in the outdoors – albeit only if the sun is out and its warm; we are strictly fair-weather campers – we have bought some ‘keep in the car’ gear. First to arrive was the tent. An instant erecting job, which exploded to life in the dining room. Very impressive.
Oh joy - a self erecting tent
Tying to fold and curl it back into its bag has been another matter entirely. I only had two fingernails left after starting to learn to play a guitar and those are well-ripped now. So, undaunted I opened the packages which contained a very cozy double sleeping bag (can’t wait to try it) and a double self-inflating carry mat. So, we’re all set.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 01 Feb 2007

…well – its a start….

So, Hector in his IT Operations role and me (Fi) in my web design & publishing role can spend many happy hours thrilling you with our multifarious adventures. 🙂
Strangely – although our office desks are separated by 160 miles they are somewhat similar… But our employer organisations bear no similarity!
His and Hers desks – spot the difference…

We’ve already been practicing with a camcorder and have put some film onto YouTube See

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat He | 01 Feb 2007

Hello everyone, this is the first post on the brand new he&fi blog site

All the pictures we’ll use on the site will be taken by Fi or Hector (except for the little pics of the iPod Shuffle and the view of Long Meg and my village from the air).