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gadget:techy Fi | 30 Jul 2010

First from my whizzy iPhone

I’ve got a new toy! What can’t it do?

gadget:techy Fi | 27 Nov 2007

magic mac in a pink frock

I’ve longed for one for YEARS! Now its arrived. A lovely MacBook (laptop) and its pinker than pink sleeve! Yum yum.

gadget:techy Fi | 13 Jun 2007

businessy pc : cool stuff mac : alternative linux

A running joke of ours. He’s PC at the office, LINUX at home and I’m Mac and this cartoon was stumbled upon.
Perfect! LOL! 🙂

gadget:techy Fi | 05 Feb 2007

iPod shuffles – extravagant widgets, big style!

We got ourselves a cute iPod Shuffle each. They’re sexy little things – like everything AppleMac does. Mine is green, his is orange. They’re good bits of kit to clip onto our clothes, bag or belt (or ears even) so we’re never parted from music…. talk about spoiling ourselves! What we’ve had inscribed on the back is our business!
On another iPod subject – Hector got an iPod connector fitted when he got his new VW Jetta and in no time at all it came unattached behind the dashboard. Turns out its merely a push-in attachment and not at all secure. Vorsprung durch technik… etc etc. Oh – thats another German car is it?